All The Flowers Will Have Very Extra Special Powers

Recently I received a comment asking me, "What makes you want to create a new world to write about?"

And the short answer is: I get to make the rules.

The long answer is thus:

In the real world the story which I devised is not exactly possible. To tell my exact story I would have needed to subvert the history of some real place, and twisted and pinch it to fit. Or I would have needed to make this a post-apocalyptic world where medieval technology is all that remains and new kingdoms have become erected on top of the old ones-- and don't get me wrong! Both of those options sound lovely. They just wouldn't quite have been my story.

Beyond that? I like making new worlds. I take a great deal of satisfaction in constructing maps and "discovering" the history of the places I've created. It's fun. I listen to a song; I feel inspired; I picture a character doing something daring or romantic; I open up the map, I put the character somewhere. What do they look like? What put them in the situation I just imagined? Do they have a family? Friends? What are they like? A world branches off that character.

Somerlarth and the surrounding kingdoms rolled out ahead of me as I wrote, and no one could tell me "But that's not how it happened." or "That's not how that apocalypse would end up. Not really."

It did happen this way. I wrote it. From the beginning of time, up until the point where we first meet Taryn, and beyond. It happened exactly as I tell it. (Unless a character lies, and then I'll try and have another character straighten it out later. I promise.)

I have a rough Paint file titled "The Wide World" and just as it's named, it shows all of the continents outside the one on which "Of Gryphons and Other Monsters" takes place. It's not necessary to see The Wide World for Taryn's Journey to make sense. It may be that no characters will ever journey to those places. It's possible that the characters that live there will never get their own stories. But I like making them. I like seeing it.

I hope this sort of works to answer that question. If you're reading this and it only brought up more questions, or you'd like to ask about anything else, feel free to leave a comment down below.