The Process of Publishing A Book

I'm someone who enjoys making lists. I specifically like making a list and then crossing everything off on it. Publishing a book involves a lot of that. Here is what my list has sort of looked like so far:

  1. Write a manuscript
  2. Obsess over your manuscript for no less than 6months.
  3. Send your manuscript out to as many beta readers as will take on the job.
  4. Research the costs and benefits of self publishing for no less than three months.
  5. Scour the web for someone to format and edit your book without making you broke.
  6. Send your manuscript to a professional editor.
  7. Contact a cover artist.
  8. Buy 10 isbn codes because you need more than one and the site assures you that 10 is the optimal number
  9. Get your book back from the editor and cry in relief because they didn't hate it.
  10. Begin professional edits.
  11. Realize that you really need to get a move on your Social Media Presence.
  12. Create a website.
  13. Write a blog.

There are a few things left to do. My cover art is still enroute. My interior formatting is waiting on that. My goal is to get at least two youtube videos uploaded this month. I've got to contact my local paper to see how they'd feel about running a blurb on my release date. I also need to speak to a few brick and mortar bookstores to try and coerce them into buying my book.

Still, I made a promise to myself that I would be published by the end of this year, and it's looking as though I'm going to be keeping that promise. Which is pretty rad.