Art by Sandara.

Of Dragon Warrens and Other Traps

Set adrift by circumstances beyond her control Taryn, once a shepherd from the Carpathe Mountains, now finds herself in the new and strange company of mercenaries—men and women who fight for a living. With the help of Aella, the commander’s daughter, Taryn will strive to find her footing amongst Twelfth Company. She must try to earn the respect and trust of those around her while discovering what she truly wants for her own future.

One thing is for certain, becoming a true member of Twelfth Company will assure her a place in their travels to Dabsqin, a bustling metropolis in the heart of the Southern Desert. Like a paradise, musicians play on every corner and the streets are lined with treasure. However, something less savory lurks beneath the glitzy surface. In a city that never sleeps, real monsters take advantage of the noise to work their mischief.

As Taryn’s past attempts to catch up with her she will find friendship, love, and plenty of fighting. Home is to the north; adventure lies ahead. There's no turning back now. Follow Taryn as she rides south in this next installment of the "Taryn's Journey" quartet.

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